At Bromley Caldari, we create humanistic, modern architecture - crisp, sharp spaces defined by a palette of warm, natural materials.

Equally adept at designing houses at the beach, apartments in town, renovating industrial buildings in Brooklyn and Queens or preserving historic structures, Bromley Caldari Architects is a creative, problem-solving NYC Architecture and Design firm founded in 1991 by R. Scott Bromley and Jerry Caldari.

The two principals are known for their easy-going natures, enthusiasm for their work, and commitment to personal service - as well as for resolving challenges and creating excitement in every project.

As a team, we bring to each of our assignments that we undertake the ability to work with our clients to identify, assess and achieve the goals of that particular project.

Our work has been featured in numerous architecture and design books & magazines around the globe, and TV shows and movies. Our team includes architects, designers and technical people who possess a high level of expertise and intuition as well as common sense. The firm has successfully built millions of dollars of construction in New York, across the United States and internationally.

Through LPC
projects we
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of New York


R. Scott Bromley has been designing buildings and interiors in New York City for 52 years - first as the principal designer in Philip Johnson's office then as head of design at Emery Roth & Sons and finally in his own practice. Scott gained extensive fame as the Architect of Studio 54.


Jerry Caldari has been working on residential, commercial and industrial buildings including landmarks and historic preservation projects in New York City for 40 years.


Alexandra Doudounis

Alexandra completed her Bachelor’s degree in interior design at NYIT and after a brief stint in the design department of a construction company joined Bromley Caldari in late 2017. Alexandra has produced numerous computer-generated 3D models for the design development of both residential and commercial projects.

Ashley Rauenzahn

Ashley is a licensed Architect. She received a BA in Architecture from Clemson University an M. Arch at Savannah College of Art & Design. Ashley began her career at Bromley Caldari as a summer intern and then joined as a full-time member in 2013. In the time since Ashley has taken the lead as project architect for some of the most complex projects in the office including the NYPCC buildings.

Joseph Caldari

Joseph has been at Bromley Caldari since graduating from Towson University in 2015. He spent his summers in various construction jobs ranging from high-end interiors to the Second Avenue Subway. Joseph is a LEED Associate primarily involved in preparing construction documents and details for single and multi-family housing projects and construction administration on an historic restoration project.

Julie Mee Schmidt

Julie is a licensed architect and another Bromley Caldari member whose first job was with the firm. Julie began her career as a summer intern and then after earning her M. Arch from RISD joined full-time in 2013. Julie’s expertise is in real estate related matters such as condo plans, rental plans and managing the filing process for various projects.

Kelley Haughey

Kelley completed her Bachelor of Architecture degree at Pratt Institute in the spring of 2018, subsequently joining us that summer. She is currently preparing 3D models and presentation imaging while beginning to learn about construction, zoning and building codes.

Matthew Gonneau

Matthew is a licensed Architect and has been an associate of Bromley Caldari since 1994. He has been responsible for the design development and construction detailing of numerous residential projects of varying size, scale and complexity including most of the Fire Island projects.

Megan Doran

Megan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Architecture and a BA in Geography. Before joining Bromley Caldari in 2018 she worked in high end residential interior design as well the fields of landscape architecture and urban design. Her ability to process complex problems has become instrumental in the management of the Formerly Pfizer project.

Naoya Hiraide

Naoya has shared his superb design and technical skills as a key member of the firm since 2006. In addition to design development, Naoya has creatively coordinated architectural, mechanical and structural drawings for a wide range of projects and has become expert in many key specialty areas.

Natalia Rico

Natalia obtained her Architectural degree from UCPR, Colombia, followed by a Master of Construction degree from SENA, Colombia. She joined the company in 2017 and has been responsible for construction documents for a large, complicated residential project where she has prepared detail drawings and coordinated the Architectural, Structural and Mechanical drawings.

Sarah Conant

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in 2016 and joined the firm upon graduation. Sarah is involved in everything the company does from schematic design through construction administration. Her enthusiasm for design is contagious and she contributes to both residential and commercial projects.

Tyler Ellis

Tyler joined Bromley Caldari in 2006 directly upon graduating from Clemson University. He has worked on a wide range of projects from high-end residential to non-profit clients including project architect for Safe Horizon’s Bronx CAC project. In addition to design skills, his expertise includes overseeing projects from planning through construction and is an expert in project management and in-field construction administration.

Wayne Warner

Wayne has been a key member of, and, office manager for Bromley Caldari since 1999. His astute fashion sense, expertise as photo stylist for products and interior shoots as well as his superb organizational skills have enabled him to contribute to project design as well as smoothly manage the office.


Studio 54 opened its doors on April 26th, 1977, like it was yesterday. The club sparked immediate buzz. Cher made an appearance in suspenders and a straw hat, photographed for the cover of the New York Post, and eventually there were fables, like the one about Bianca Jagger riding in on a horse (fact check: she simply mounted it.)

When Scott went to see the former theater, Schrager and Rubell weren't there, but he immediately had a vision that would capture the pulse of the time. "Everyone wants to be on the stage, let's make the stage the dance floor"


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